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Past events Altomonte

Friday 23 October 2020

Festival Euromediterraneo Altomonte -  Events Altomonte - Theatre Altomonte

Festival Euromediterraneo Altomonte

Category: Theatre

Time: From 18/07/2012 to 13/08/2012

The festival offers entertainment with shows and live concerts. Check the official programme on the website. Some events of this edition:
18 July: Ficarra & Picone
1 August: Vincenzo Salemme
8 August: Michele Placido
13 August: Eugenio Bennato

Where: Anfiteatro C. Belluscio

Enrico Bertolino

Category: Theatre

Time: On 02/08/2011

An evening marked by fun and laughter with a show by Enrico Bertolino.

Where: Anfiteatro comunale


Category: Concerts

Time: On 13/08/2011

Nek performs live to present his latest album.

Where: Square, CAsello

Giovanni Allevi

Category: Concerts

Time: On 17/08/2011

Giovanni Allevi performs a concert in which his skills as a pianist will be on display.

Where: Anfiteatro C. Belluscio

Di... vino jazz -  Events Altomonte - Concerts Altomonte

Di... vino jazz

Category: Concerts

Time: From 07/09/2011 to 11/09/2011

The festival is dedicated to jazz music and wines, offering live concerts and tastings. From 9:30pm.

Where: Centre

Bread festival

Category: Shows

Time: From 25/05/2012 to 27/05/2012

A festival dedicated to bread. Many events are scheduled.

Where: Altomonte

Ficarra & Picone

Category: Theatre

Time: On 18/07/2012

An evening marked by fun and laughter with Ficarra & Picone.

Where: Anfiteatro comunale

Shawnette POE -  Events Altomonte - Art exhibitions Altomonte

Shawnette POE

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 08/08/2012 to 16/09/2012

The exhibition presents works by the German Shawnette POE. Curated by Giovanni Viceconte.

Where: Convento dei Domenicani
Address: Piazza Tommaso Campanella - Altomonte

Invasion One

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 06/08/2011 to 12/09/2011

The exhibition presents an installation by Bianco - Valente and works by ilvia Camporesi, Michela Pozzi, Sanja Lasic, Filippo Berta, Gabriele Pesci, Dario Lazzaretto, Lino Strangis, Luca Christian Mander, Giuseppe Colonese, Marco Lamanna.

Where: Convento dei Domenicani
Address: Piazza Tommaso Campanella - 87042 Altomonte

Scuole di danza in festival

Category: Theatre

Time: On 27/06/2014

The festival is dedicated to dance.

Where: Anfiteatro


//Cambucina Story

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