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Past events Drapia

Sunday 20 September 2020

Irene Fornaciari -  Events Drapia - Concerts Drapia

Irene Fornaciari

Category: Concerts

Time: On 16/07/2010

Irene Fornaciari performs live.

Where: Caria


Category: Concerts

Time: From 06/08/0201 to 06/08/2010

An evening dedicated to folk music.

Where: Caria

Biagio Izzo

Category: Theatre

Time: On 03/05/2010

An evening marked by fun and laughter with the show "un te' per tre" by the Italian comic Biagio Izzo.

Where: La Pace Theatre

Samuele Bersani

Category: Concerts

Time: On 27/09/2010

Samuele Bersani performs llive.

Where: Brattiro' di Drapia

The living crib

Category: Shows

Time: On 26/12/2010

The town hosts a living crib with non-profesional actors in costume. From 5pm.

Where: Garden of the Galuppi Castle in Caria

Sujaca Festival

Category: Shows

Time: On 06/08/2020

The event begins the afternoon with stalls, continues to 6pm with the traditional dance of the "giants" through the streets of the town and at 8.30pm the ribbon is cut for the opening of the booths and in 9.30pm San Nicola square the public can enjoy popular music. A fireworks display at midnight closes the event.

Where: Caria

Wine festival

Category: Shows

Time: On 10/08/2020

An event dedicated to wine.

Where: Brattir├▓


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