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13 past events Centola | 40504 past events Italy

Past events Centola

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Palinuro Teatro Festival

Category: Theatre

Time: From 29/06/2013 to 22/08/2013

The Palinuro Teatro Festival features shows in a very exciting location: the Anfiteatro dell'Antiquarium.

Where: Antiquarium

Theatre at the Gole del Mingardo

Category: Theatre

Time: From 31/07/2013 to 01/08/2013

An event dedicated to theatre lovers.

Where: San Severino


Category: Shows

Time: From 08/08/2013 to 10/08/2013

Viandando is a gastronomic and cultural tour in Centola.

Where: Centola

105 Summer Music & Fun Tour

Category: Concerts

Time: From 09/08/2013 to 11/08/2013

105 Summer Music & Fun Tour is the summer tour of Radio 105 and includes entertainment with various deejays and live concerts.

Where: Palinuro

Fashion myth Palinuro

Category: Shows

Time: On 25/08/2013

The event is dedicated to fashion and includes live performances.

Where: Palinuro Port

Palinuro XC race - Bike brave -  Events Centola - Sport Centola

Palinuro XC race - Bike brave

Category: Sport

Time: On 25/05/2014

Palinuro XC race is a cross country mountain bike race. Participants compete along a route of 24km.

Where: Capo Palinuro

Palinuro Myth Land

Category: Shows

Time: From 25/08/2014 to 27/09/2014

Palinuro Myth Land features events dedicated to the myth and discover Cilento.

Where: Various locations

Palinuro ClimBrave Festival

Category: Sport

Time: From 19/09/2014 to 21/09/2014

Palinuro ClimBrave Festival is a festival dedicated to climbing.

Where: Palinuro


Category: Shows

Time: From 02/06/2016 to 02/10/2016

Theatre, music, town festival, entertainment for children and more. Many events are scheduled in Palinuro and Centola during the summer.

Where: Various locations

Sagra della patata

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 13/08/2013 to 14/08/2013

The event features local specialities and entertainment.

Where: Foria

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