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Past events Teano

Sunday 17 January 2021

Teano jazz winter -  Events Teano - Concerts Teano

Teano jazz winter

Category: Concerts

Time: From 05/12/2009 to 07/12/2009

The festival features concerts of jazz music.

Where: Chiesa di S. Pietro in Aquariis
Info: +39.0823.885354

Teano Jazz festival -  Events Teano - Concerts Teano

Teano Jazz festival

Category: Concerts

Time: From 24/07/2011 to 27/07/2011

The festival features concerts of jazz music by leading Italian and international musicians and young talented groups.

Where: Loggione del Museo Archeologico
Info: +39.0823.885354

Teatri di pietra

Category: Theatre

Time: From 02/07/2009 to 13/08/2009

The festival features music, theatre and shows in the ancient theatres of Calvi Ristorta, Teano and Sessa Aurunca.

Where: Calvi Ristorta, Teano and Sessa Aurunca


Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 03/10/2009 to 31/10/2009

An exhibtion dedicated to contemporary arts.

Where: MAUI Museum
Address: Via Porta Roma 15 - Teano

History, flavors and crafts from Sidicini to Garibaldi

Category: Shows

Time: From 13/08/2011 to 14/08/2011

A weekend of music and tradition in a typical village.

Where: City Centre

Tommasiello Theatre 2016-17 -  Events Teano - Theatre Teano

Tommasiello Theatre 2016-17

Category: Theatre

Time: From 16/11/2016 to 25/03/2017

The season offers plays and shows by leading actors.

Where: Tommasiello Theatre
Address: Viale Italia - Teano

Feast of the Madonna delle Grotte

Category: Shows

Time: From 01/10/2009 to 31/10/2009

The feast re-evokes an old fair to celebrate the Madonna delle Grotte, offering typical products.

Where: Grotte di Teano


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