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Friday 17 August 2018

Forli' a city for children -  Events Forli' - Shows Forli'

Forli' a city for children

Category: Shows

Time: From 14/09/2013 to 26/10/2013

Every saturday afternoon many events are scheduled in the centre to entertain children and their families: games, labs, shows and more. From 15 to 19.30.

Where: Centre

Maceo Casadei

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 28/09/2013 to 23/10/2013

The Farneti art gallery hosts an exhibition by Maceo Casadei.

Where: Galleria Farneti
Address: Via degli Orgogliosi, 7/9 - Forli'

Antiques Fair

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 12/10/2013 to 14/12/2013

Piazza Saffi is packed with stalls offering art objects, postcards, coins and many other products. From 8am to 8pm.
When: 12 October; 9 November; 14 December

Where: Piazza Saffi
Address: Piazza Saffi - Forli'

Energy days: fair of modern building

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 31/10/2013 to 03/11/2013

A fair of building, renewable energy and sustainable living.

Where: Forl├Č exhibition centre

To theatre with mum and dad

Category: Theatre

Time: From 12/01/2014 to 23/02/2014

The event is dedicated to theater for the whole family with many stories to amuse adults and children.
When: 12, 26 January; 9, 23 February - at 16

Where: Il Piccolo Theatre
Info: +39.0543.64300
Address: Via Cerchia 98 - Forli'

Abitando - Casa & Garden Expo

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 04/04/2014 to 06/04/2014

A fair dedicated to the furniture sector and the house in general.

Where: Forli' exhibition centre

The book in the city

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 28/09/2014 to 02/11/2014

An exhibition-market of books. From 9am to 11pm.

Where: Piazzetta della Misura

La Vecchia Stazione: 2014-15 season

Category: Concerts

Time: From 15/11/2014 to 21/03/2015

The festival includes a series of shows. This event has a charge.

Where: La Vecchia Stazione
Address: VIa Monte Santo, 20 - 47122 Forli'

Vivi la casa - Forli' sposi

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 22/11/2014 to 23/11/2014

The event is dedicated to matrimony and the cerimony.

Where: Forli' exhibition centre
Address: Via Punta di Ferro - Forli'


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 06/02/2015 to 08/02/2015

An exhibition-market of antiques, modern collecting.

Where: Forli' exhibition centre
Address: Via Punta di Ferro - Forli'

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