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17 past events Monte Porzio Catone | 40539 past events Italy

Past events Monte Porzio Catone

Monday 26 October 2020

A wine diWine -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Art exhibitions Monte Porzio Catone

A wine diWine

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 06/11/2009 to 08/11/2009

The event includes an exhibition dedicated to wine presenting works by many artists, including Altan, Sergio Staino, Marco Tallarico. Visitors can visit the cellars and taste wines.

Where: Museo Diffuso del Vino
Info: +39.06.9428333
Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II 22, 32, 46 - 00040 Monte Porzio Catone

Roman Futurism -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Art exhibitions Monte Porzio Catone

Roman Futurism

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 01/12/2009 to 31/01/2010

The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of Futurism and presents works produced by Balla, Depero, Prampolini and Dottori between 1914 and 1930s.

Where: Villa Mondragone
Info: +39.06.94019411
Address: Via Frascati 51 - Monte Porzio Catone

New Year's Concert -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Concerts Monte Porzio Catone

New Year's Concert

Category: Concerts

Time: all year

The city of Monte Porzio Catone and the Institute Area delle Muse organize the second edition of the New year's concert in the Svizzeri room in Villa Mondragone on the 1st January 2011 at 6:30 pm.

Where: Villa Mondragone

Castle green tour -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Shows Monte Porzio Catone

Castle green tour

Category: Shows

Time: From 02/10/2011 to 04/12/2011

The event features 10 trekking excursions on Sunday from 9.30am

Where: Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio Catone, Nemi, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora, Velletri

Orchids in the centre -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Shows Monte Porzio Catone

Orchids in the centre

Category: Shows

Time: From 15/04/2016 to 17/04/2016

Various exhibitors coming from various countries particpate in the event. The festival includes an exhiibition-market, concerts, entertainment and many other events.

Where: Centre

Monte Porzio Village

Category: Shows

Time: From 19/07/2009 to 28/08/2009

The festival fetures concerts and cultural events.

Where: Various locations

Natural mall -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Shows Monte Porzio Catone

Natural mall

Category: Shows

Time: From 27/11/2010 to 06/01/2011

Seven appointments to enjoy the Natural mall in Christmas time.
Visit the web site to discover the full programme.

Where: Porzio Catone Place and Via Roma

Banda's Day -  Events Monte Porzio Catone - Shows Monte Porzio Catone

Banda's Day

Category: Shows

Time: From 23/06/2011 to 04/07/2011

Every evening, live music, food stands with the most famous Roman cuisine, FAST FOOD, grilled meats, all in the beautiful setting of the park fresh and Gramsci.

Where: Monte Porzio Catone
Info: +39.3407056267
Address: Parco Gramsci - Monte Porzio Catone

Archaeological morning

Category: Shows

Time: From 20/06/2015 to 04/07/2015

A guided tour. Reservation required.
When: 20 June; 4 July

Where: Tuscolo


Category: Shows

Time: On 04/07/2015

A barbecue festival.

Where: Tuscolo

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