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Past events Sabaudia

Friday 28 January 2022

Green Days at Circeo National Park -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

Green Days at Circeo National Park

Category: Shows

Time: From 28/03/2009 to 21/06/2009

In honour of the 75th anniversary of the National Park, excursions are free every Sunday or holiday until June 21st. Many events are organised. All the excursions are free but must be reserved by phone at the relevant associations. Phone numbers and calendar available on the below mentioned website.

Where: Circeo National Park
info +39.0773.511385

Open Wineries -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

Open Wineries

Category: Shows

Time: On 31/05/2009

The event offers the possibility of entering the wineries, where wine experts explain the history of the wine and the place where it is produced.

Where: Various locations

Roma Fiction Fest in province -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

Roma Fiction Fest in province

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/07/2009 to 11/07/2009

Sabaudia and Gaeta host events for the Rome Fiction Fest: movies, music, show and food and wine products.

Where: Sabaudia and Gaeta
Info: +39.06.6841131

Walk Italy Coast -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

Walk Italy Coast

Category: Shows

Time: On 23/10/2010

The festival features guided trekking tours, cultural events and typical products. Check the official programme on the website.

Where: Circeo National Park
Info: +39.0773.511385

Sabaudia Summer -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

Sabaudia Summer

Category: Shows

Time: From 23/07/2011 to 20/08/2011

The festival features performances by leading Italian artists.
23 July: Litfiba
29 July: Beppe Grillo
2 August: Giorgio Panariello
4 August: Franco Battiato
7 August: Alessandra Amoroso
10 August: Giovanni Allevi
12 August: Moda'
14 August: Ornella Vanoni
20 August: Enrico Brignano

Where: Arena del Mare
Address: Via Principe di Piemonte - Sabaudia

Carnival -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia


Category: Shows

Time: From 29/01/2012 to 21/02/2012

Various events are scheduled to entertain children and adults. Carnival parade in Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Pontina and Terracina.

Where: Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Pontina and Terracina

MAD Women 2013 -  Events Sabaudia - Art exhibitions Sabaudia

MAD Women 2013

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/03/2013 to 31/03/2013

MAD Women is an art exhibition with works created by women. On display paintings, pictures, installations and sculptures.

Where: Museo Emilio Greco
Address: Piazza del Comune 1 - Sabaudia

A pelo d'acqua -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

A pelo d'acqua

Category: Shows

Time: From 22/04/2014 to 25/05/2014

The event features guided canoeing on the Paola Lake to discover its nature and caves. This event has a charge. Reservation required.
Dalla parte del mare - at 8: 23, 25, 27 April; 4, 11, 18, 25 May
Il lago a ritmo di pagaia - at 14.30: 22, 24, 26 April; 3, 10, 17, 24 May

Where: Paola Lake

White night -  Events Sabaudia - Shows Sabaudia

White night

Category: Shows

Time: On 04/07/2015

Tonight the town doesn't fall asleep and offers a plan full of events, exhibitions, concerts, dance and a lot of fun

Where: Sabaudia

Maurizio Battista -  Events Sabaudia - Theatre Sabaudia

Maurizio Battista

Category: Theatre

Time: On 08/08/2015

An evening marked by fun and laughter with a show by Maurizio Battista.

Where: Arena del Mare Bricofer

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