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Past events Velletri

Friday 28 January 2022

Lunch with the Neanderthal -  Events Velletri - Art exhibitions Velletri

Lunch with the Neanderthal

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 06/11/2010 to 15/06/2011

An exhibition dedicated to feeding in the prehistory.

Where: Museo Civico di Geopaleontologia e Preistoria dei Colli Albani
Address: Via G. Mameli 4/6 - Velletri

Velletri summer

Category: Shows

Time: From 01/07/2009 to 13/09/2009

Music, art and festival: many events are scheduled during the summer.

Where: Various locations
Info: +39.06.96158236

Cugini di Campagna

Category: Concerts

Time: On 22/08/2009

A musical event. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Piazza Caduti sul Lavoro
Info: +39.06.9632512
Address: Piazza Caduti sul Lavoro - Velletri

Rhythmic Gymnastics olympic team

Category: Sport

Time: From 01/09/2009 to 02/09/2009

An event dedicated to rhythmic gymnastics featurig performances by the olympic team. The proceeds will go to charity, to help Abruzzo.

Where: Palazzetto dello sport Spartaco Bandinelli
Info: +39.06.96158255

Festival of grapes and wine

Category: Shows

Time: From 25/09/2009 to 27/09/2009

The event is dedicated to wine and promotes typical products and handicrafts.

Where: Velletri

Amateur theatre festival

Category: Theatre

Time: From 27/09/2009 to 17/01/2010

The festival offers numerous shows.

Where: Aurora Theatre
Address: Piazza San Clemente - Velletri

Underground Velletri

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 03/12/2009 to 18/12/2009

The exhibition presents findinigs of the ancient city of Velletri.

Where: Augusto Tersenghi Library
Address: Piazza Cairoli 54 - Velletri

Camelia festival

Category: Shows

Time: From 17/03/2011 to 20/03/2011

The festival features an exhibition-market dedicated to camelias on 19th and 20th March and other events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy.

Where: Various locations

Days of Japanise Culture -  Events Velletri - Art exhibitions Velletri

Days of Japanise Culture

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/06/2011 to 23/06/2011

The conferences are dedicated to the artists Hiroshige, Hokusai and Utamaro, three famous representatives of the art of printing.
At 16:30

Where: Velletri
Info: +39.06961555290
Address: Piazza Cairoli 54 - Velletri

International Days of folklore

Category: Shows

Time: On 23/07/2011

Italian and foreign folklore groups, dressed in traditional costumes, play their repertoire of songs and dances from their own land. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Piazza del Comune
Address: Piazza del Comune - Velletri

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