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Past events Bergeggi

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Emozioni di fuoco sul mare -  Events Bergeggi - Shows Bergeggi

Emozioni di fuoco sul mare

Category: Shows

Time: On 12/08/2015

The night is illuminated like day thanks to a stunning firework display that will entertain tourists and citizens. Starts at 22.30.

Where: Sea in front of Bergeggi

Bergeggi 2015

Category: Concerts

Time: From 19/07/2015 to 05/08/2015

Bergeggi 2015 is a festival of classical music.
When: 19, 27 July; 5 August

Where: Chiesa parrocchiale di S. Martino Vescovo

NightSwim Bergeggi

Category: Sport

Time: On 14/08/2015

NightSwim Bergeggi is a swimming event.

Where: Bergeggi beach - Bagni Playa de Luna

Cronoscalinata di Bergeggi -  Events Bergeggi - Sport Bergeggi

Cronoscalinata di Bergeggi

Category: Sport

Time: On 28/02/2016

Cronoscalinata Bergeggina is a race. Participants compete along a route that goes from the sea to monte S. Elena.

Where: Bergeggi

Punta Predani e Grotta Marina

Category: Shows

Time: From 25/06/2016 to 17/09/2016

A free excursion to discover Bergeggi Natural Park. Meeting in Via Aurelia at the bar near the cross to Torre del Mare.
When: 25 June; 2, 7, 16, 21, 28, 30 July; 6, 11, 20, 25, 27 August; 17 September

Where: Bergeggi Natural Park

BERG island night trail

Category: Sport

Time: On 30/07/2016

BERG island night trail is a race from the see to the wood through the old town of Bergeggi

Where: Start from Piazza XX Settembre

Walking... swing

Category: Shows

Time: On 05/08/2016

A guided tour with stages to listen to swing music. From 20.30.

Where: Via Aurelia Loc. Magazzeno - Piazza XX Settembre

Bergeggi cabaret

Category: Theatre

Time: From 06/08/2016 to 20/08/2016

An evening marked by fun and laughter with a show by Italian comedians.
6 August: I soggetti smarriti
12 August: Balbontin, Ceccon, Casalino
20 August: comedians from Zelig and Colorado TV shows

Where: Piazza XX Settembre

Sciu e zu pe Berzezzi

Category: Shows

Time: On 24/08/2016

A tour by night with readings from the book "Bergeggi nel cuore". Then tastings of typical products. Start at 21 at Gulliver supermarket.

Where: Bergeggi

Mago da legare

Category: Theatre

Time: On 26/08/2016

A magic show. Starts at 21.30.

Where: Piazza XX Settembre

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