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Past events Ospedaletti

Saturday 28 November 2020

E' tempo di... carciofi -  Events Ospedaletti - Shows Ospedaletti

E' tempo di... carciofi

Category: Shows

Time: From 13/02/2016 to 13/03/2016

The festival is dedicate to artichoke, a typical product of Ospedaletti. You can taste a special menu in the venues participating in the event.

Where: Various locations

Rassegna Jazz sotto le Stelle... generation

Category: Shows

Time: From 02/08/2010 to 07/08/2010

A festival dedicated to the jazz music which proposes:concerts, shows and exhibitions.

Where: Ospedaletti

Giacomo Agostini

Category: Shows

Time: On 10/09/2010

The Italian champion presents his last book. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Auditorium comunale

The night of motors

Category: Shows

Time: On 11/09/2010

Entertainment for children and adults with live music and various events from 9:30pm. Shops are open.

Where: Centre

Walking... tasting

Category: Shows

Time: On 30/04/2011

A walk to discover local specialities. The event includes entertainment for children and antiques market.

Where: Centre


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 30/04/2011 to 01/05/2011

An exhibition-market of Italian specialities.

Where: Corso Regina Margherita

Il primo tuffo dell'anno

Category: Shows

Time: On 02/01/2015

Partecipants dive into the cold waters of the sea. At 12.

Where: Free beach in front of Palazzo Comunale


Category: Shows

Time: On 15/02/2015

Entertainment from 14.

Where: Via XX Settembre and piazza IV Novembre

Jazz sotto le stelle

Category: Concerts

Time: From 03/08/2016 to 05/08/2016

The festival is dedicated to jazz music and offers concerts and other events.

Where: Auditorium comunale

Sanremo International Motorcycle Trophy

Category: Sport

Time: From 02/09/2016 to 04/09/2016

The Sanremo International Motorcycle Trophy is a re-enactment of the old motorcyle circuit and is held on Sunday. Various events are scheduled on Friday and Saturday.

Where: Ospedaletti Circuit and other locations

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