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Sunday 29 November 2020

Lam Tian Xing -  Events Bollate - Art exhibitions Bollate

Lam Tian Xing

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 22/10/2011 to 28/10/2011

The lotus flower permeated Lam's childhood, and a trip to Tibet was a dream to Lam. However, the comparison of the Lotus versus Tibet reaches far beyond the mingling of old and new experiences. The lotus flower has represented ethic minorities in China since ancient times, and Tibet symbolizes the escape from busy life to a dreamland where one can feel the deep roots of the soul.
Lam was born and raised near a hill known as the Lotus Peak, and has had a lifelong connection with the lotus flower due to his passionate love for nature as a young child. He treats the lotus as almost like human being, full of respect and admiration. The lotus also represents supreme purity in Buddhism, standing for eternity, vitality and chastity. The delicate lotus floats modestly on misty ponds, yet remains spotless and sparkling in the distance. It represents that no matter how difficult the situation is, one has their own ethical standard to stay away from the dirt and remain the pureness and integrity. The lotus expresses different nuances of various stages of life - from when it is in bloom, to when it is withering.
Lam does not paint the lotus as an object, but rather as a reflection of life's journey and emotions. A member of the audience once shed tears in front of Lam's lotus painting, as she was touched by the message within the painting, and experienced a feeling that the lotus was describing her life. Lam concluded that lotus is life and life is the lotus.
Tibet is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, both spiritual and sacred with many places that are equally beautiful and precious. One would truly be touched by the beauty of those heavenly landscapes. Lam felt the warmth and purity of human relationship there, he impressed by the every detail he saw everyday - the simple life, the true smile
Lam almost died in Tibet due to the reaction to altitude. A dream, a venture, turned out to be a fatal experience. It took 3 years for him to recover. To the surprise of many, Lam packed up and went to Tibet again. He had made 3 trips to Tibet in 10 years. His enthusiasm and frame of mind drove him to create his paintings without any fear. As Oscar Wilde said, "If one loves Art at all, one must love it beyond all other things in the world". Lam falls in love with painting and paints like a lover. He whispers his utmost admiration on the lotus and on Tibet to the audience. The lotus and Tibet have touched Lam's soul.
There is an interesting twist between his Tibet and Lotus series. Ethically, the lotus is placed upon high lands in a sense that people looked up to it with great pride. The distance between the artist and the lotus seem to be very close and almost touchable, but yet far-reaching to understand and grasp the meaning if. On the other hand, Tibet is in fact situated on high altitudes and known to be quite a remote area. It is therefore physically difficult to reach, but yet closeness and bonds can easily form through the nature of human beings.
The layering of ink and colors are graceful, yet at the same time dominate the painting, with a magnificent transparency and purity. Lam likes to use a wide range of textures and colors in his work, thereby creating a mysterious dreamy effect. His combination of traditional Chinese techniques in applying ink, and the free flow of colors in Western paintings makes him an unparalleled artist in contemporary painting.
As a painting guru, Lam has been invited by the China National Art Museum in Beijing to have a solo exhibition in 2012 and we are honored to appreciate Lam's artwork in this exhibition in Milan prior to it.

Where: Fabbrica Borroni
Info: +39.02.36507381
Address: Via Matteotti 19 - 20021 Bollate

Villa Arconati Festival

Category: Concerts

Time: From 26/06/2014 to 24/07/2014

The festival features live performances by leading Italian and international artists at Villa Arconati. Vinicio Capossela, George Benson, Raphael Gualazzi, Paolo Fresu and many others.

Where: Villa Arconati


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