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Past events Brugherio

Monday 26 October 2020

Brianza Open Winter -  Events Brugherio - Shows Brugherio

Brianza Open Winter

Category: Shows

Time: From 28/11/2009 to 07/04/2010

The programme offers concerts and much more. For all the jazz lovers.

Where: Samsara - La Volta Rossa
Info: +39.878406
Address: via Increa 70 - Brugherio

Giorgio Forattini: la Satira in cattedra -  Events Brugherio - Art exhibitions Brugherio

Giorgio Forattini: la Satira in cattedra

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 16/10/2010 to 14/11/2010

Works by Giorgio Forattini allow visitors to discover events of the Italian and internalion politics from 1970s to the present day.

Where: Palazzo Ghirlanda Silva
Info: +39.039.2893401
Address: Via Italia 27 - Brugherio

Expo 2010

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 08/10/2010 to 17/10/2010

The festival features events to entertain children and adults.

Where: Via Turati

Ice skating

Category: Sport

Time: From 13/12/2010 to 09/01/2011

An ice-skating rink set in the city centre, fun for the young & the old.

Where: Parco di Villa Fiorita

Parola cantata -  Events Brugherio - Concerts Brugherio

Parola cantata

Category: Concerts

Time: From 17/06/2011 to 19/06/2011

A three-day festival dedicated to music and words offering cultural events, concerts and entertainment. Check the official programme on the website.

Where: Various locations

BruInverno 2013

Category: Shows

Time: From 08/01/2013 to 16/03/2013

The festival includes various events: workshops, exhibition, shows, concerts and more.

Where: Various locations
Info: +39.039.2893214

White night

Category: Shows

Time: On 06/07/2013

Tonight the city doesn't fall asleep and offers a plan full of events, exhibitions, concerts, dance and a lot of fun.

Where: Centre

sIride -  Events Brugherio - Shows Brugherio


Category: Shows

Time: From 20/09/2013 to 22/09/2013

A three-day festival dedicated to entertainemnt with shows and performances by street artists.

Where: Various locations

San Giuseppe theatre: 2015-16 season

Category: Theatre

Time: From 17/11/2015 to 13/04/2016

The programme features delightful appointments with play, opera, important performance, concerts and great actors.

Where: San Giuseppe theatre
Info: +39.039.870181

Summer in Brugherio

Category: Shows

Time: From 30/06/2016 to 14/09/2016

The festival features many events to entertain children and adults: theatre, dance, music and shows.

Where: Various locations

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