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Past events Limone sul Garda

Friday 19 October 2018

Garda festival -  Events Limone sul Garda - Shows Limone sul Garda

Garda festival

Category: Shows

Time: On 12/08/2010

The city hosts a stage of the Festival del Garda including 2 singing competitions, a beauty contest and a body paintings competition . Starts at 9pm.
Where: Lungolago Marconi


Dancing fountains -  Events Limone sul Garda - Shows Limone sul Garda

Dancing fountains

Category: Shows

Time: On 29/08/2010

One surprising and new entertainment for the city: water fountains dancing to the rhythm of music accompanied by a choreography of light. Starts at 10pm.
Where: Lungolago Marconi


Sky Running & Bike x-treme -  Events Limone sul Garda - Sport Limone sul Garda

Sky Running & Bike x-treme

Category: Sport

Time: On 16/10/2011

A festival dedicated to the world of "free-ride" with an international mountain bike race, exhibitors area with materials that can be tested, & many side events.

Where: Start & finish: Lungolago Marconi

Tour of Italy -  Events Limone sul Garda - Sport Limone sul Garda

Tour of Italy

Category: Sport

Time: On 22/05/2012

The tour of Italy reaches its 16th stage. The cyclists start from Limone sul Garda and a route of 174 km leads them to Falzes/Pfalzen, where the stage ends.

Where: Start from Limone sul Garda

Lake Garda marathon -  Events Limone sul Garda - Sport Limone sul Garda

Lake Garda marathon

Category: Sport

Time: On 12/10/2014

The marathon winds its way along a striking route through the numerous towns that sit on the edge of the lake & offersa spectacular experience.

Where: Start: Limone sul Garda and Finish: Malcesine
Info: +39.0365.954781

Summer concerts -  Events Limone sul Garda - Concerts Limone sul Garda

Summer concerts

Category: Concerts

Time: From 06/05/2018 to 06/10/2018

A summer full of opera and classical concerts, musicals and many tributes, from the Beatles to the Abba. The complete list is available on the website below.

Where: Various locations

Firework show -  Events Limone sul Garda - Shows Limone sul Garda

Firework show

Category: Shows

Time: From 20/05/2018 to 02/09/2018

This event offers a wonderful firework display that will have the locals & the tourists with their noses in the air. The event takes place on 4 occasions: 20 May, 2 June, 14 August, 2 September. Beginning at 10 pm.

Where: Lungolago

Limonaia under the stars -  Events Limone sul Garda - Shows Limone sul Garda

Limonaia under the stars

Category: Shows

Time: From 29/05/2018 to 18/09/2018

The doors of Limonaia "Castle" will be opened for an evening of fun, music and tasting of limoncello. From 8pm to 11pm.
When: 29 May; 12, 26 June; 12, 24 July; 7, 21 August; 4, 18 September

Where: Limonaia del Cast├Ęl

Fantasy and magic -  Events Limone sul Garda - Shows Limone sul Garda

Fantasy and magic

Category: Shows

Time: On 05/08/2018

The event features entertainment and games in the town centre.

Where: Lungolago Marconi

Concert of choral music

Category: Concerts

Time: On 20/04/2008

The Civic Riva del Garda music school entertains the audience with a concert of the chorus of voices "Garda Trentino. Starts at 9pm.
Where: Conference Room "Daniele Comboni"

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