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Thursday 20 September 2018

Miwine -  Events Milan - Exhibition Milan


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 09/06/2008 to 11/06/2008

A fair for professionals in the wine and distilled liquor sectors.
Where: Nuovo polo fieristico, Rho

Info: +39.02.49977179

Oasis of butterflies

Category: Shows

Time: From 09/06/2008 to 30/09/2008

A house of butterflies hosts about 300 examples from all over the world, visible in all their splendour during the period of evolutionary development.
Where: Iydro Montanelli public gardens



Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 11/06/2008 to 10/07/2008

The exhibition presents, for the first time in a single project, works by 3 international artists: Roman Opalka, Gunther Uecker and Lee Ufan.
Where: Mudima Foundation

Info: +39.02.29409633

Enrico Minguzzi & Gabriele Brucceri -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Enrico Minguzzi & Gabriele Brucceri

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/06/2008 to 17/09/2008

The exhibition presents 10 paintings by Gabriele Brucceri that combine painting, graphics, technology and manual work and works by Henry Lee who prefers strong, acid colours to create a sense of estrangement and disorientation of reality.
Where: Cannaviello art studio


Buy & drive show

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 12/06/2008 to 15/06/2008

An exhibition market of used and reliable vehicles and automobile services, of collection vehicles and of road safety.
Where: New Exhibition Centre, Rho

Info: +39.02.49976110

Lorenzo Jucker: Ukiyo-e -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Lorenzo Jucker: Ukiyo-e

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 13/06/2008 to 12/07/2008

The exhibition presents works by Lorenzo Jucker who was inspired by ukiyo-e, which in the Japanese tradition identifies the production of popular prints.
Where: Nepente art gallery

Info: +39.02.29008422


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 13/06/2008 to 17/06/2008

Exhibition and market of ANLAIDS charities to raise funds for research and the fight against AIDS.
Where: Milan fair


Trento Longaretti -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Trento Longaretti

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 14/06/2008 to 27/07/2008

The exhibition retraces, through around 70 works, the artistic career of the artist Bergamo Trento Longaretti.
Where: Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta

Info: +39.02.878197

Fresco di Fabrica

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 19/06/2008 to 15/09/2008

The exhibition presents works by 3 contemporary artists, Maurizio Cariati, Francesco Di Luca and Andrea Riga, though with different languages they speak of the same reality, that present and current.
Where: Fabrica Eos


Milan Circuit - Championship cup -  Events Milan - Sport Milan

Milan Circuit - Championship cup

Category: Sport

Time: From 27/06/2008 to 29/06/2008

Team karting competition, accessible to all.
Where: Milan Fair


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