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Friday 22 March 2019

Tibetan painting from ancient to contemporary -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Tibetan painting from ancient to contemporary

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 03/11/2010 to 04/12/2010

The exhibition presents 30 paintings produced from 15th century to 2007.

Where: Renzo Freschi - Oriental Art

Matteo Basile': thishumanity

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/11/2010 to 15/01/2011

The exhibtion presents a project by Matteo Basile' inspired by Paolo Ucello's masterpieces "Battle of San Romano". Matteo Basile' took photographs in South- East Asia depicting women fighting for their identity and indipendence.

Where: Pack art gallery
Info: +39.02.86996395
Address: Foro Buonaparte 60 - Milan

Thursday at Fondazione Arnado Pomodoro

Category: Concerts

Time: From 11/11/2010 to 25/11/2010

The event features a concert on Thursday at 9pm.

Where: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
Info: +39.02.89075394
Address: via Andrea Solari 35 - Milan

Enrico Baj: plastics

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/11/2010 to 23/12/2010

The exhibition presents the research on plastics by Emrico BAj from 1963 to 1970.

Where: Fondazione Marconi Arte moderna e contemporanea
Address: Via Tadino 15 - 50124 Milan

Lift -  Events Milan - Exhibition Milan


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 17/11/2010 to 20/11/2010

International exhibition of elevators, components, accessories, and professional services.
Where: New district Rho

Info: +39.02.485501

Gabriele Brucceri

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 18/11/2010 to 08/01/2011

On display works by Gabriele Brucceri.

Where: Cannaviello art gallery
Address: Via Stoppani 15 - 20129 Milan

Transpotec 2.0

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 19/11/2010 to 21/11/2010

A fair dedicated to road haulage, innovation, environment.

Where: Rho exhibition centre
Address: Info +39.049.8792745 - Milan

Wainting for Ring Rules kickboxing & show

Category: Sport

Time: On 20/11/2010

An event dedicated to sport and show: kickboxing competitions and entertainment. From 7pm.

Where: PalaUno
Address: Largo Balestra 5 - Milan


Category: Exhibition

Time: From 22/11/2010 to 24/11/2010

The event aims to provide opportunities for development and relationships between small and medium enterprises by organizing meetings between participants.
Where: New fair quarter, Rho


Apassionata -  Events Milan - Shows Milan


Category: Shows

Time: On 27/11/2010

After last years's success, Europe's biggest equestrian performance returns to Italy with "Magia di Stelle."

Where: Mediolanum Forum, Assago

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