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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Terre vulnerabili

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 06/05/2011 to 17/07/2011

A growing exhibition. On display works by various artists.

Where: Hangar Bicocca
Info: +39.02.66111573
Address: Via Privata Chiese 2 - 20126 Milan

Biasi, Costa and Ferrari -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Biasi, Costa and Ferrari

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 10/05/2011 to 01/07/2011

The exhibition presents works by Biasi, Costa and Ferrari.

Where: Blu art gallery
Info: +39.02.76022404
Address: Via Senato 18 - 20121 Milan

Flavio Lucchini: 100 artworks, 20 years archive

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 11/05/2011 to 14/10/2011

The exhibition includes 100 works by Flavio Lucchini.

Where: MyOwnGallery
Info: +39.02.422501
Address: Via Tortona 27 - Milan

Luca Cervini

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/05/2011 to 26/06/2011

The exhibition presents 16 works by Luca Cervini.

Where: Officine dell'Immagine
Info: +39.0331.898608
Address: Via Atto Vannucci 13 - Milan

Modaprima 70

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 21/05/2011 to 23/05/2011

An international salon of fashion collections and accessories, spring/summer 2012 plus flashes for autumn/winter 2011/12 collections

Where: Milano exhibition centre

China new design

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 08/06/2011 to 11/09/2011

The exhibition focus on the new Far East design.

Where: Triennale Design Museum
Address: Viale Alemagna 6 - Milan

Bicocca music village

Category: Concerts

Time: From 09/06/2011 to 24/06/2011

The festival features 6 free concerts on Thursday and Friday at 6:45pm.

Where: Bicocca Village
Info: +39.02.66101276
Address: Via Chiese 60 - Milan

Man Ray: the fifty faces of Juliet

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/06/2011 to 22/07/2011

The exhibition presents 50 pictures taken by Man Ray between 1941 and 1955 depicting his wife Juliet Browner.

Where: Fondazione Giorgio Marconi
Info: +39.02.29419232
Address: Via Alessandro Tadino 15 - 20124 Milan

Marina Ferretti and Tommaso Gorla

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/06/2011 to 10/09/2011

On display works by Marina Ferretti and Tommaso Gorla.

Where: Cannaviello art gallery
Address: Via Stoppani 15 - 20129 Milan

Andrea Martinelli -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Andrea Martinelli

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 14/06/2011 to 29/07/2011

on display works by Andrea Martinelli.

Where: Pecci Milano Museum
Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese 113 - Milan

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