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Past events Milan

Tuesday 24 September 2019

World series of boxing

Category: Sport

Time: On 09/03/2012

An event dedicated to boxing. The Dolce & Gabbana Milano Thunder - Italian Boxing team will compete with various international teams.

Where: Mediolanum Forum

Ethiopian crosses from the Cappuccini missions

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 13/03/2012 to 01/07/2012

The Museo dei Cappuccini hosts an exhibition dedicated to Ethiopian crosses coming from the missions in Ethiopia and Eritrea since 1911.

Where: Museo dei Cappuccini
Info: +39.02.77122584
Address: Via Antonio Kramer, 5 - 20129 Milan

Guinness World Records: the longest bar of chocolate -  Events Milan - Shows Milan

Guinness World Records: the longest bar of chocolate

Category: Shows

Time: From 24/03/2012 to 07/04/2012

The Guinness World Record at Bicocca Village in Milan: the longest bar of chocolate made by Mirco Della Vecchia.

Where: Bicocca Village
Info: +39.02.66101276
Address: Via Chiese 60 - Milan

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/04/2012 to 10/06/2012

For HangarBicocca Hans-Peter Feldmann has reconsidered one of his best known installation: Shadow Play.

Where: HangarBicocca

Wrestlemania revenge tour

Category: Shows

Time: On 17/04/2012

The event presents some of the greatest and most acclaimed Smackdown wrestlers.

Where: Mediolanum Forum
Address: Assago - Milan

De Pas, D'Urbino e Lomazzi. The game and the rules

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 17/04/2012 to 09/09/2012

The exhibition is dedicated to De Pas, D┬ĺUrbino and Lomazzi presenting some of their most important projects.

Where: Triennale Design Museum

Ernesto Bazan -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Ernesto Bazan

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 24/04/2012 to 31/05/2012

BAZAN CUBA presents an exhibition including 22 colour pictures (and some vintages photos) dealing with the period Ernesto Bazan spent in Cuba from 2001 to 2005.

Where: Byline Photo
Info: +39.02.94394014
Address: Via Ariberto 31 - Milan

Massimo Berruti: Lashkars

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 26/04/2012 to 27/05/2012

Massimo Berruti present a reportage from Pashtunistan, the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He took pictures of the everyday life of the Lashkar, a civilian militia supported by the Pakistani army that fights on the front lines against the Taliban to defend the Lashkar homeland.

Where: Fondazione FORMA per la fotografia
Info: +39.02.5811.8067
Address: Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro 1 - 20136 Milan

RIGENERaRT -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan


Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 05/05/2012 to 02/06/2012

On display sculptures, paintings, objects and other works by over 40 artists including Giorgio Gost, Mike Ciafaloni, Baioni Luigi, Sarhtori, Guido Poggiani, Massimo Butera, Gregorio Mancino, Fabio Cuman and others.

Address: Corso XXII Marzo, 42 - Milan

World Press Photo 2012

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 05/05/2012 to 03/06/2012

The exhibition presents a selection of pictures, divided into various categories, sent to World Press Photo Foundation and selected by a panel of experts.

Where: Carla Sozzani Gallery
Info: +39.02.653531
Address: Corso Como 10 - 20154 Milan

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