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Past events Milan

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Frank O' Gehry 1997-2009 -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Frank O' Gehry 1997-2009

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 26/09/2009 to 10/01/2010

The exhibition presents a selection of projects by Frank O' Gehry.

Where: Triennale
Info: +39.02.724341
Address: Viale Emilio Alemagna 6 - 20121 Milan

Open day

Category: Shows

Time: On 26/09/2009

Extraordinary opening hours: from 8pm to 10:30pm.

Where: Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
Info: +39.02.4855458
Address: Via San Vittore 21 - Milan

Pooh -  Events Milan - Concerts Milan


Category: Concerts

Time: From 28/09/2009 to 30/09/2009

The historic Italian band present their latest album, "beat generation", in which they pay homage to groups, who like them have lived the adventure of the Beat generation & maintained longevity.
When: September 28 and 30

Where: Mediolanum Forum

Cristina Iglesias

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 30/09/2009 to 21/03/2010

The exhibition traces Cristina Iglesias's artistic career, from the last years of the 80s to the present day, through a selection of 19 works.

Where: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
Info: +39.02.89075394
Address: Via Andrea Solari 35 - 20144 Milan

Coniglioviola: I'm a pirat/I'm a lord

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 03/10/2009 to 13/10/2009

Coniglioviola, famous for his "attack" on the 2007 Biennale of Venice, presents a selection of works dedicated to mass or Ă©lite culture.

Where: PAC
Info: +39.02.88465931
Address: Via Palestro 14 - Milan

Gabriele Basilico

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 21/10/2009 to 31/01/2010

The exhibition compares two works by Gabriele Basilico: “Milano ritratti di fabbriche 1978-1980” e “Mosca verticale 2007-2008”.

Where: Spazio Oberdan
Address: Viale Vittorio Veneto, 2 - Milan

Emilio Longoni: 2 collections

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 22/10/2009 to 31/01/2010

The exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Emilio Longoni (1859-1932) tracing his artistic career through a selection of 23 paintings.

Where: Modern art gallery
Address: Via Palestro 16 - Milan

Silk Gold Kermes -  Events Milan - Art exhibitions Milan

Silk Gold Kermes

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 28/10/2009 to 21/02/2010

The exhibition traces the artistic production connected to the silk manufacturing in the second half of the XV century through a selection of about 50 works: fabrics, jewels, paintings and other works.

Where: Poldi Pezzoli Museum
Info: +39.02.794889
Address: Via Alessandro Manzoni 12 - 20121 Milan

Lily Allen

Category: Concerts

Time: On 28/10/2009

Lily Allen performs live.

Where: Alcatraz
Address: Via Valtellina 21/27 - 20157 Milan

James Morrison

Category: Concerts

Time: On 29/10/2009

James Morrison presents his latest album "Songs for you, truths for me" and his successes.

Where: Alcatraz
Address: via Valtellina 21/27 - 20157 Milan

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