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Past events Pogno

Sunday 17 January 2021

Pogno Rock Festival -  Events Pogno - Concerts Pogno

Pogno Rock Festival

Category: Concerts

Time: From 30/04/2009 to 29/06/2009

A festival dedicated to rock music, offering concerts by Italian groups and tributes to famous singers and groups. The calendar is in updating, please check the official programme on the website.
When: 30 april; 1, 2 May; 26-29 June

Where: PalaProLoco


Category: Concerts

Time: On 17/07/2009

A concert by Sergio Scappini. Starts at 9:15pm.

Where: Chiesa SS Pietro e Paolo

Theatre at PalaProLoco

Category: Theatre

Time: On 22/05/2009

An evening featuring a theatrical performance.

Where: PalaProLoco

Medieval music

Category: Concerts

Time: On 31/05/2009

A concert of medieval music.

Where: Prerro church

Festa SS. Pietro e Paolo

Category: Exhibition

Time: On 29/06/2009

The town stages a festival to celebrate the fest of SS. Pietro and Paolo.

Where: Pogno


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