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10 past events Gioia del Colle | 40094 past events Italy

Past events Gioia del Colle

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Tavole barocche -  Events Gioia del Colle - Art exhibitions Gioia del Colle

Tavole barocche

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 11/04/2015 to 28/06/2015

The public can admire a series of paintings dealing with still-life, landscape and convivial scenes, from the Corsi Collection of Florence stored at Bardini Museum.

Where: Castello Normanno Svevo

Sagra del pupo fritto

Category: Shows

Time: On 13/07/2013

It is a town festival where you can taste typical products. Music & entertainment.

Where: Montursi

Gioia Rock Festival - Rockerella 2013

Category: Concerts

Time: From 19/07/2013 to 20/07/2013

The festival features live performances and entertainment.

Where: Piazzale PalaCapurso

Festa Federiciana -  Events Gioia del Colle - Shows Gioia del Colle

Festa Federiciana

Category: Shows

Time: From 25/07/2013 to 28/07/2013

The town is once again pervaded by the medieval atmosphere through re-enactments, minsterls, markets of food & wine products and handicrafts and more.

Where: Gioia del Colle

Rossini Theatre -  Events Gioia del Colle - Theatre Gioia del Colle

Rossini Theatre

Category: Theatre

Time: From 15/11/2013 to 22/12/2013

"ResExtensa" theatre company presents eight event at Rossini Theatre in november and december: plays, dance and music.

Where: Rossini Theatre

L'arte del far ridere -  Events Gioia del Colle - Theatre Gioia del Colle

L'arte del far ridere

Category: Theatre

Time: From 22/10/2015 to 10/04/2016

The theatre season features shows marked by fun and laughter.
When: 22 October; 20 December; 24 January; 13 March; 10 April

Where: Santa Lucia Theatre
Address: Via Don Rocco Passiatore, 7 - Gioia del Colle

Theatre season -  Events Gioia del Colle - Theatre Gioia del Colle

Theatre season

Category: Theatre

Time: From 13/11/2015 to 29/04/2016

The season includes events for theatre lovers with shows by leading Italian artists.

Where: Rossini Theatre

FotoArte 2013

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 22/06/2013 to 07/07/2013

On display pictures.

Where: Chiostro Comunale

Festa dell'Aia

Category: Shows

Time: From 10/08/2013 to 11/08/2013

A town festival.

Where: Distilleria Cassano

Sagra della pecora o' callaridd

Category: Exhibition

Time: On 18/08/2013

Town festival.

Where: Montursi


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