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10 past events Baunei | 40598 past events Italy

Past events Baunei

Tuesday 01 December 2020

Arte e tastus de una ia -  Events Baunei - Shows Baunei

Arte e tastus de una ia

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/05/2011 to 08/05/2011

The event is dedicated to old traditions, handicrafts and typical products.

Where: Baunei

Un mare di montagne -  Events Baunei - Shows Baunei

Un mare di montagne

Category: Shows

Time: From 29/04/2012 to 16/06/2012

The festival offers various events to discover Baunei: guided tours, mountain-nike competitiion, trakking, free climbing, diving and much more. Check the official programme on the website.

Where: Baunei
Info: +39.0782.615330

Spring in Marghine and Ogliastra -  Events Baunei - Shows Baunei

Spring in Marghine and Ogliastra

Category: Shows

Time: From 01/06/2013 to 30/06/2013

Every weekend the villages of Marghine and Ogliastra open their door to visitors presenting tradition, culture and typical products.
1, 2 June: Ussassai
8, 9 June: Baunei
15, 16 June: Urzulei
15, 16 June: Borore
22, 23 June: Lanusei e Birori/Bortigali
29, 30 June: Dualchi

Where: Various locations

Summer 2013 -  Events Baunei - Shows Baunei

Summer 2013

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/07/2013 to 31/08/2013

Various events are scheduled in Baune and Santa Maria Navarrese during the summer: concerts, town festival, typical products, handicrafts and much more.

Where: Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese

Donna in fuoristrada -  Events Baunei - Shows Baunei

Donna in fuoristrada

Category: Shows

Time: On 07/05/2011

An event dedicated to women, sport and entertainment.

Where: Baunei

Dario Vergassola

Category: Theatre

Time: On 03/09/2011

An evening marked by fun and laughter with the shows of the Italian comic Dario Vergassola. Starts at 9:30pm.

Where: San Lussorio, Baunei

Artes e tastus de una ie

Category: Shows

Time: From 07/06/2013 to 09/06/2013

The event is dedicated to folklore and traditions. It includes performances, exhibitions and tasting of typical products.

Where: Baunei

Sagra della carne di capra

Category: Shows

Time: On 06/07/2013

A town festival with local specialities, music and entertainment.

Where: Golgo, square in fron of the St. Peter Church

Sagra del maialetto di Baunei

Category: Shows

Time: On 27/07/2013

It is a town festival where you can taste local specialities. It includes music and entertainment.

Where: Piazza Bingigedda

Sagra del maialetto arrosto

Category: Exhibition

Time: On 28/07/2012

The town festival features typical products, music, and dancing.

Where: Piazza Bingiggedda


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