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Past events Cagliari

Saturday 20 January 2018

Poetto Beach -  Events Cagliari - Attractions Cagliari

Poetto Beach

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The town beach, together with that of Quartu, is over 5 km long. Placed in an area of extraordinary beauty positioned between the Saddle del Diavolo, the hills of San Bartolomeo and the wetlands of the Gulf. The sand is white and fine and the sea has quite a deep seabed, making it suitable for families with children. It has all the services: kiosks, bathing facilities, catering services, rental of chairs, umbrellas and pedal boats and much more. Behind you can admire the splendid scenery formed by Saline and the Molentargius pond, frequented by flamingos and other species of marsh fauna. During the night the beach offers many entertainment thanks to the many events organized in kiosks.


Zoology and fantasy  -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari

Zoology and fantasy

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 14/04/2008 to 30/11/2008

The exhibition offers a selection of legendary animals, between history and myth, between fantasy and science, created with resin and plastic materials from some important professionals. They are also equipped sections of interactive games and spaces for children to make them learn by playing.
Where: St. Michael Castle

Info: +39.070.500656

Recupage -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari


Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 13/06/2008 to 30/08/2008

55 artists including young talent, established authors and some big names like Mario Ceroli, Mimmo Rotella, Enrico Baj and Enrica Borghi, present their works created using only recycled material.
Where: Lazzaretto municipal Art and Culture centre

Info: +39.070.383085

Costantino Nivola -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari

Costantino Nivola

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 26/06/2008 to 11/01/2009

The exhibition illustrates the artistic research and the different languages used by Costantino Nivola. It presents 85 works.

Where: Royal Palace
Info: +39.070.4092428

The night of poets  -  Events Cagliari - Shows Cagliari

The night of poets

Category: Shows

Time: From 12/07/2008 to 09/08/2008

The festival offers appointments with performances interpreted by artists of great charm with music, dance and theatre.
Where: Civic theatre

Where: Civic Theater
Info: +39.070.275899

International Basketball -  Events Cagliari - Sport Cagliari

International Basketball

Category: Sport

Time: From 09/08/2008 to 20/08/2008

From August 9 to 12 the national men's basketball team trains in the city in preparation for the second edition of "Sardinia basket" with participating teams from Great Britain, Belgium and Estonia. Then on August 16 the national women's side faces Finland in a qualification meeting valid for the European 2009 event. In the area adjacent to the Palasport the Azzurro village is set up and on the Poetto seafront the Italian Village where there are organized many events.
Where: Palasport and Poetto seafront


Goya: Follie, Disastri e Capricci -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari

Goya: Follie, Disastri e Capricci

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 10/09/2008 to 30/11/2008

This exhibition presents the graphical production of the Spanish artist with the 80 prints of his Caprichos series (1799), the 22 prints of his Disparates and the 80 prints of his Disasters of War series.
Where: Villa Siotto, Sarroch


Prix Italia -  Events Cagliari - Shows Cagliari

Prix Italia

Category: Shows

Time: From 14/09/2008 to 20/09/2008

Cagliari hosts the 60th edition of the international radio, television and web competition staged by RAI. In addition to awarding prizes in the various categories, it also features numerous events. The welcome concert will be filmed by RAI2 for its Palcoscenico programme, while the final evening will be broadcasted on RAI1.
Where: Molo Inchiusa cruise terminal and Teatro Lirico


“John Phillips, Testimone del Novecento” -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari

“John Phillips, Testimone del Novecento”

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 28/11/2008 to 31/01/2009

The exhibition features around 150 photos, mainly vintage, by photojournalist John Phillips, one of the greatest press photographers of the twentieth century. It focuses on both the events depicted and the composition and choice of subjects.

Where: ExmĂ 
Info: +39.070.666399

Nietta Condemi de Felice -  Events Cagliari - Art exhibitions Cagliari

Nietta Condemi de Felice

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 30/01/2009 to 28/02/2009

The exhibition is dedicated to textile art and presents works by Nietta Condemi de Felice.

Where: Lazzaretto di Sant'Elia
Info: +39.070.3838085

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