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Past events Muravera

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Maskaras -  Events Muravera - Shows Muravera


Category: Shows

Time: On 11/08/2015

Ethnic masks from all over Sardinia, mostly dark and tragic, parade along the streets of the town performing in dance rituals and rites related to the life of the fields.

Where: Via Roma Piazza Europa

Citrus festival -  Events Muravera - Shows Muravera

Citrus festival

Category: Shows

Time: From 01/04/2016 to 03/04/2016

A three-day festival dedicated to citruses, a typical products of Muravera, featuring tasting, music, entertainment, folklore, costume parade and the passage of "etnotraccas", carts drawn by oxen.

Where: Muravera

Pedestrian Island  -  Events Muravera - Shows Muravera

Pedestrian Island

Category: Shows

Time: From 15/07/2008 to 30/09/2008

During the summer evenings Roma street becomes a pedestrian island from 9pm to 1am.
Where: Roma street


From Twentieth century to today in the FLM collection -  Events Muravera - Art exhibitions Muravera

From Twentieth century to today in the FLM collection

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 25/07/2008 to 30/09/2008

The exhibition presents works by many artists of contemporary art.
Where: Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis Museum

Info: +39.070.99000313

Booze party -  Events Muravera - Concerts Muravera

Booze party

Category: Concerts

Time: From 08/08/2008 to 09/08/2008

The event features 2 days devoted entirely to music with rock concerts and events.
Where: Tower of 10 horses, beach of Saint John


Muraverese summer -  Events Muravera - Shows Muravera

Muraverese summer

Category: Shows

Time: From 12/07/2016 to 15/09/2016

Summer evenings in the town are full of events with theatre, music, exhibitions of handicrafts and much more, to meet the needs of adults and children until late at night.

Where: Various locations

People De my bidda  -  Events Muravera - Art exhibitions Muravera

People De my bidda

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 01/08/2008 to 30/09/2008

The exhibition presents the terracotta master Pinuccio Scioia.
Where: House of Candelai


Ohi on mori - Festival of the tower

Category: Shows

Time: On 26/07/2009

The event offers a historical evocation of the expulsion of the barbarians which occurred in the structure of the "Tower of the ten horses", erected on the beach of San Giovanni as an inland defence.
Where: San Giovanni marina

Info: +39.070.99000313

St. Augustine festival

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 26/08/2015 to 30/08/2015

The festival alternates religious and civilian rites, with folk groups that exalt costumes, dances, modern and traditional, sporting events and cultural products of local crafts and fireworks show at the end
Where: Muravera


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