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Past events Gela

Monday 16 July 2018

Manfria Tower -  Events Gela - Attractions Gela

Manfria Tower

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

Built in 1554 by the viceroy John Vega, it played a role in protection against the continuing incursions of enemies and African pirates. The Spanish, in fact, had built towers throughout the Itorale so that one could see the other, speeding communications in case of alert. The tower is located on the coast of Newfoundland and presents an essential visit. The monument has undergone changes and at the moment is in a state of abandonment.

Littorio Wood -  Events Gela - Attractions Gela

Littorio Wood

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

In 1983 some excavations conducted in an area on the fringes of the Wood have brought to light, archaic, raw, brick structures dating back to the first settlement of Greek settlers. At the end of 1999 other excavations carried out in the west of the forest discovered 3 precious altars with figures in high relief. Probably other archaeological research about the area could find other interesting findings.

Where: Littorio Wood

Gela Theatre 2008

Category: Theatre

Time: From 28/07/2008 to 24/08/2008

The exhibition offers appointments with the opera and dance.
Where: Timoleontee walls, archaeological area of Caposoprano


San Giuseppe

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 17/03/2018 to 19/03/2018

The town stages a festival to celebrate the feast of Saint Giuseppe, offering the characteristic altars and gourmet delights.

Where: Various venues


//Cambucina Story

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