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7 past events Castel San Niccolo' | 40241 past events Italy

Past events Castel San Niccolo'

Saturday 06 June 2020

Crib road

Category: Shows

Time: On 13/12/2008

This event features a display of popular and Palestinian cribs belonging to the Episcopal Curia of Fiesole.

Where: Strada in Casentino

Christmas Tree Fair

Category: Shows

Time: On 14/12/2008

During the festive season the streets are filled with stalls selling locally grown Christmas trees and specialities.

Where: Strada in Casentino

White night

Category: Shows

Time: On 27/06/2009

The town stays up all night and many events are organized.

Where: Strada in Casentino

Pievi e castelli in musica

Category: Concerts

Time: On 08/08/2009

The festival features a concert. The event has a charge. Starts at 9:15pm.

Where: Pieve di Cetica

Mostra della pietra lavorata

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 22/08/2009 to 30/08/2009

An exhibition dedicated to art and handicrafts.

Where: Strada in Casentino

Autumn flavours

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/11/2009 to 08/11/2009

A two-day chestnut festival, offering the chance to watch chestnuts being cleaned using the traditional methods.

Where: Cetica

Festival of mushroom and potatoes

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 05/09/2009 to 06/09/2009

An event dedicated to food and wine prodiucts.