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Past events Portoferraio

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Napoleon. Fasto imperial -  Events Portoferraio - Art exhibitions Portoferraio

Napoleon. Fasto imperial

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/06/2008 to 12/09/2008

The exhibition presents a selection of works from the collection of the Napoleon Foundation in Paris, dating to the early decades of the nineteenth century and offering witness to the magnificence of the imperial court and the skill of the artisans of the time.
Where: Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino

Info: +39.0565.915846

Francesco De Gregori -  Events Portoferraio - Concerts Portoferraio

Francesco De Gregori

Category: Concerts

Time: On 02/08/2008

Francesco De Gregori, noted Italian singer-songwriter, stops in the city with his summer tour and proposes an evening of entertainment and good music.
Where: Linguella

Challenge Elba Ultra Trail -  Events Portoferraio - Sport Portoferraio

Challenge Elba Ultra Trail

Category: Sport

Time: On 16/11/2008

The 52 km long race course runs from Cavo to Pomonte, covering the entire lenght of the island, through the GTE (Grande Traversata Elbana) trekking path. The programme includes many other events, like mountain-bike excursions and celebrations in Pomonte.

Where: Start: Solana and finish: Pomonte

Mediterranean Gardens -  Events Portoferraio - Exhibition Portoferraio

Mediterranean Gardens

Category: Exhibition

Time: From 28/05/2009 to 30/05/2009

Regional market and show of agricultural and ornamental plants, floriculture, seeds, gardening equipment and horticulture, furnishings and objects for outdoors.
Where: Centre

Info: +39.0565.917257

Quando sentivo i gabbiani -  Events Portoferraio - Art exhibitions Portoferraio

Quando sentivo i gabbiani

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 12/12/2009 to 09/01/2010

The exhibition presents pictures dedicated to Portoferraio, taken by Robero Ridi.

Where: Sala della Gran Guardia
Info: +39.0565.937235

Fall in love with art -  Events Portoferraio - Shows Portoferraio

Fall in love with art

Category: Shows

Time: From 13/02/2010 to 14/02/2010

Today a ticket is valid for two people at the state museums and galleries. Consult the website for a list of properties partecipating in the event.

Where: Various locations

Women's day -  Events Portoferraio - Shows Portoferraio

Women's day

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/03/2010 to 07/03/2010

Women receive a free ticket to enter civic museums and art galleries. Consult the website for a list of properties partecipating in the event.

Where: Various locations

Museums at night -  Events Portoferraio - Shows Portoferraio

Museums at night

Category: Shows

Time: On 15/05/2010

For one night museums are open, free of charge, from sunset to approximately 01:00 in the morning. Many events are scheduled. Check the website for details of participating museums and events.

Where: Various locations

Elba rowing Palio -  Events Portoferraio - Sport Portoferraio

Elba rowing Palio

Category: Sport

Time: From 20/06/2010 to 01/08/2010

The season features many regattas.
20 June: Marina di Campo
11 July: Paduella
25 July: Rio Marina
1 August: Portoferraio

Where: Various locations

Walk Italy Coast -  Events Portoferraio - Shows Portoferraio

Walk Italy Coast

Category: Shows

Time: From 23/10/2010 to 31/10/2010

The festival features guided trekking tours, cultural events and typical products. Check the official programme on the website.
Whne: 23, 24 and 30, 31 October

Where: Various locations
Info: +39.0565.919411

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