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Sunday 29 November 2020

Corsa del Saracino -  Events Talla - Shows Talla

Corsa del Saracino

Category: Shows

Time: On 20/09/2020

An old equestrian tournament held in honour of Our Lady of Sorrows, which revives the splendour of the days of old. The inhabitants of the hamlets and town challenge each other for the title on the tournament ground. A homemade cake festival takes place at the same time.

Where: Talla

Christmas Concert

Category: Concerts

Time: From 19/12/2008 to 20/12/2008

A Christmas concert held during the festive season.

Where: Talla

Ceppi di Natale

Category: Shows

Time: all year

Talla┬ĺs annual Yule log festival.

Where: Talla

Autumn flavours

Category: Shows

Time: On 01/11/2009

Chestnut and vin nouveau festival.

Where: Talla

Sweet mush fair

Category: Exhibition

Time: On 08/12/2009

Town festival dedicated to the sweet mush.

Where: Località Foltona
Info: +39.0575.507277


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