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Past events Tirrenia

Saturday 28 November 2020

Uberto Bonetti. A Futurist in Pisa -  Events Tirrenia - Art exhibitions Tirrenia

Uberto Bonetti. A Futurist in Pisa

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 10/07/2009 to 06/09/2009

The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Futurism and of the birth of Uberto Bonetti (1909-1993) presenting 35 works.

Where: Hotel Club Resort Regina del mare (ex Colonia Rosa Maltoni Mussolini), Calabrone
Address: Viale del Tirreno, Calabrone - Tirrenia

Marenia 2011 -  Events Tirrenia - Shows Tirrenia

Marenia 2011

Category: Shows

Time: From 12/07/2011 to 11/09/2011

Sports, competitions, concerts, shows.
More information on the website.

Where: Various locations

Outdoor Cinema

Category: Shows

Time: From 16/06/2009 to 06/09/2009

The programme features the projection of some films that have filled cinemas during the last year.

Where: Ciak
Info: +39.050.502640
Address: Via Pisorno-Via dll'Edera - Tirrenia


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