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8 past events Valfloriana | 40094 past events Italy

Past events Valfloriana

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Matoci carnival 1 -  Events Valfloriana - Shows Valfloriana

Matoci carnival 1

Category: Shows

Time: On 21/02/2008

This antique carnival of the town presents again the ancient folk custom of the "Wedding parades" transformed in to a carnival with costumes & beautiful masks, the "facere".
Where: Valfloriana & other towns of the valley

Carnevale dei Matoci -  Events Valfloriana - Shows Valfloriana

Carnevale dei Matoci

Category: Shows

Time: On 10/02/2018

Each year the traditional "Carnevale dei Matoci" parade is held, featuring figures wearing wooden masks and brightly coloured costumes. The "Matoci" will make their way to Casatta's main piazza, overcoming a series of obstacles and engaging in satirical exchanges. At the end they are welcomed by people in costume led by the "Harlequins", marking the start of the festivities with dancing, pranks, sweet specialities and mulled wine.

Where: Valfloriana
+39 0462 241111

La Scarpinada

Category: Shows

Time: On 29/07/2012

It is a gastronomic tour to discover local specialities. From 8.30.

Where: Start and Finish: Bait dal Manz
Info: +39.329.1087780

Go to the alpine meadow

Category: Shows

Time: From 07/08/2013 to 04/09/2013

A guided excursion to an alpine meadow with the opportunity to taste typical products. This excursion has a charge. Reservation required. Meeting at 8:30.
When: 7, 21 August; 4 September

Where: Valfloriana
Info: +39.0462.241111

#albeinmalga. Dawn in a hut

Category: Shows

Time: From 29/07/2016 to 30/07/2016

You can discover the jobs in a hut from the dawn. Further information on the website.

Where: Malga Sass - Agritur Fior di Bosco

La not de Santa Lucia

Category: Shows

Time: On 12/12/2010

An event dedicated to children with a parade from Sicina to Casatta. Starts at 5:30pm.

Where: From Sicina to Casatta

A spass al lustro de luna

Category: Sport

Time: On 04/02/2012

A non-competitive snowshoe competition. Starts at 4pm.

Where: Baita dal Manz

Valfloriana Theatre -  Events Valfloriana - Theatre Valfloriana

Valfloriana Theatre

Category: Theatre

Time: From 31/10/2015 to 09/04/2016

The season features events dedicated to theatre lovers. Starts at 20:30.
When: 31 October; 21 November; 19, 27 December; 9 January; 13 February; 12 March; 9 April

Where: Valfloriana Theatre


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