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Past events Varena

Sunday 01 November 2020

Lavazè half marathon -  Events Varena - Sport Varena

Lavazè half marathon

Category: Sport

Time: On 13/07/2008

Race in the mountains covering 21km, at an altitude of 1500mt.
Departure: Varena
Arrival: Lavazè

Where: the mountains covering 21km, at an altitude of 1500mt.
Departure: Varena
Arrival: Lavazè

Lavazehiihto -  Events Varena - Sport Varena


Category: Sport

Time: On 20/12/2009

Lavazehiihto is an international free-technique cross-country skiing competition with a 22-km course.

Where: Lavazè Pass
Info: +39.0462.241111

Lavazeloppet -  Events Varena - Sport Varena


Category: Sport

Time: On 22/01/2015

A 22km cross country ski race with categories for men, women & technical classification.

Where: Lavazè pass
Info: +39.0462.501110

Cross Country Ski Centre Lavazè Pass -  Events Varena - Attractions Varena

Cross Country Ski Centre Lavazè Pass

Category: Attractions

Time: From 07/12/2019 to 15/03/2020

Over 80 km of trails suitable for beginners and expert skiers, enter the woods of this plateau and provide the skier with a wonderful experience. With ample parking, changing rooms with showers, room service and waxing, SOS equipped points with radio telephone.

Where: Varena
+39 0462 230447

On the road to Bethlehem -  Events Varena - Shows Varena

On the road to Bethlehem

Category: Shows

Time: From 12/12/2019 to 10/01/2020

Varena hosts a crib that covers 2500 square meters, with ninety one-meter-tall characters and about one hundred animals.

Where: Via Alpini

Panathlon world challenge cross country

Category: Sport

Time: On 20/03/2009

A cross-country competition. Starts at 9am.

Where: Passo Lavazè

Sagra del fen

Category: Exhibition

Time: On 04/07/2010

The event is dedicated to old trades with games and exhibitions, lunch and music. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Ganzaie, Daiano


Category: Shows

Time: On 16/02/2012

The event features a costume parade and distribution of food. Starts at 2 pm.

Where: Piazza Nuova
Address: Piazza Nuova - Varena

Fiemme Organ Event

Category: Concerts

Time: On 20/07/2012

Concert with organ. Starts at 9pm.

Where: SS Peter and Paul Church

Laurino cup

Category: Sport

Time: On 24/03/2013

National cross country ski event. Starts at 9am.

Where: Passo Lavaze'

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