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19 past events Forno di Zoldo | 40003 past events Italy

Past events Forno di Zoldo

Sunday 19 January 2020

Ice cream exhibition -  Events Forno di Zoldo - Art exhibitions Forno di Zoldo

Ice cream exhibition

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 01/07/2009 to 30/08/2009

The exhibition is dedicated to artisanal ice cream. On display technologies, accessories and photographs.

Where: Dont

Civetta superbike -  Events Forno di Zoldo - Sport Forno di Zoldo

Civetta superbike

Category: Sport

Time: On 06/09/2009

The event consists of 2 mountain bikes races: classic (45 km climb to 1898 mt) and short (21 km climb to 990metres).

Where: Start and finish: Alleghe

Fagar├Ę landslide

Category: Shows

Time: On 22/03/2009

The town commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Fagar├Ę landslide.

Where: Forno di Zoldo

Blues and rock festival

Category: Concerts

Time: On 18/08/2009

A festival dedicated to music and entertainment. From 6pm.

Where: Campo Forno di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo tour

Category: Sport

Time: On 06/09/2009

The Val di Zoldo tour is a cycling race that starts and finishes in Forno di Zoldo.

Where: Start and finish: Forno di Zoldo


Category: Shows

Time: On 05/01/2010

Traditional local festival with bonfire. Starts at 6pm.

Where: Industrial estate

La gnaga

Category: Shows

Time: From 06/02/2010 to 07/02/2010

A contest of wooden masks of the mountain carnivals. The event features stalls of food and wine products and shows.

Where: Fornesighe


Category: Shows

Time: On 17/01/2009

An evening dedicated to dance. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Forno di Zoldo

Da┬ĺn pae├Ęs a chel┬ĺ autre

Category: Theatre

Time: On 22/01/2009

The event features a theatrical performance. Starts at 9pm.

Where: Forno di Zoldo

Ne parliamo a cena

Category: Theatre

Time: On 06/03/2009

The "Lavori in corso" presents a theatrical show. Starts at 7:30pm.

Where: Ristorante La Tana de l'Ors

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