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Past events Jesolo

Friday 28 January 2022

Permanent exhibition of mosaic artefacts -  Events Jesolo - Art exhibitions Jesolo

Permanent exhibition of mosaic artefacts

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: all year

The exhibition presents the mosaic findings of the Paleocristiana Basilica describing an important stage in the history of Ravenna in relation to the high Adriatic between the fifth and sixth century.
Where: Kursaal, Piazza Brescia

Info: +39.0421.359144

Moby dj set -  Events Jesolo - Shows Jesolo

Moby dj set

Category: Shows

Time: On 28/07/2007

The beach hosts another spectacular event: Moby's music all night long. Starting at 6pm.
Where: Spiaggia del faro


Galleria Polin in Jesolo -  Events Jesolo - Art exhibitions Jesolo

Galleria Polin in Jesolo

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 30/07/2007 to 20/08/2007

The exhibition presents paintings and sculptures from the Galleria Polin.
Where: Palazzo del Turismo

Bob Sinclair dj set + guest live -  Events Jesolo - Shows Jesolo

Bob Sinclair dj set + guest live

Category: Shows

Time: On 05/08/2007

Bob Sinclair livens up the August nights with his dancing music.
Where: Lighthouse beach


Euro beach cup wheelchair tennis -  Events Jesolo - Sport Jesolo

Euro beach cup wheelchair tennis

Category: Sport

Time: From 10/09/2007 to 15/09/2007

The "Wheelchair Tennis Tour," a world competition, comes to the city to offer about 140 games in which compete the best international athletes.
Where: Play Village, via Equilio

Info: +39.0421.92884

Crazy boat -  Events Jesolo - Shows Jesolo

Crazy boat

Category: Shows

Time: On 15/06/2008

A strange and original event, able to highlight the creativity and boldness of the participants who have transformed bathtubs into boats and who will compete in a race at sea.
Where: Marina Square

International Festival of sand sculptures 08 -  Events Jesolo - Shows Jesolo

International Festival of sand sculptures 08

Category: Shows

Time: From 20/06/2008 to 20/07/2008

The best international sand sculpture artists show off their creations dedicated to "China and the Olympics". Viewer can watch the creative process from start to finish.
Where: Arenile White House, Piazza Brescia

MTV sunset tour -  Events Jesolo - Concerts Jesolo

MTV sunset tour

Category: Concerts

Time: On 05/07/2008

For the Jesolo, MTV sunset tour, Baustelle perform live for the public.
Where: Arenile lighthouse


Spritz on the beach: Duran Duran -  Events Jesolo - Shows Jesolo

Spritz on the beach: Duran Duran

Category: Shows

Time: On 20/07/2008

This event marks the distinguished summer of Jesolo and unites the time for aperitifs with a show. This year's special guests are Duran Duran. Starts at 6pm.
Where: Beach lighthouse


Zucchero -  Events Jesolo - Concerts Jesolo


Category: Concerts

Time: On 10/08/2008

In the magical night of San Lorenzo, Zuccero brings Jesolo his "All the best world tour 2008" and with his great voice will have fans and the public excited with a fantastic show.
Where: Lighthouse beach


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