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Past events Oderzo

Wednesday 28 October 2020

The secret in the well -  Events Oderzo - Art exhibitions Oderzo

The secret in the well

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 15/05/2009 to 13/12/2009

The exhibition presents objects found in the Roman wells illustrating everyday life in the ancient Oderzo.

Where: Eno Bellis archaelogical museum
Info: +39.0422.718013

The nutcrackers -  Events Oderzo - Theatre Oderzo

The nutcrackers

Category: Theatre

Time: From 18/09/2009 to 19/09/2009

The masterpiece by Cjaikovski. Starts at 9 pm.

Where: Palateatro
Info: +39.0422.815251

Tribute to Tutankhamon -  Events Oderzo - Art exhibitions Oderzo

Tribute to Tutankhamon

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 20/12/2014 to 31/05/2015

The exhibition has faithfully reconstructed the tomb of Tutankhamun to scale. On display also contemporary art works connected to Egyptian culture.

Where: Palazzo Foscolo

Malanotte d'estate -  Events Oderzo - Shows Oderzo

Malanotte d'estate

Category: Shows

Time: From 04/03/2016 to 23/10/2016

The festival features events to promote and taste wine and food produced in the area of Piave.

Where: Various locations

Opera at the square -  Events Oderzo - Theatre Oderzo

Opera at the square

Category: Theatre

Time: From 08/07/2016 to 09/07/2016

The main event features operas by great Masters in an unsual theatre: Piazza Grande. The festival also includes art exhibition and outdoor cinema.

Where: Piazza Grande and other locations
Info: +39.0422.815251

A concert every month

Category: Concerts

Time: From 20/02/2009 to 15/05/2009

The event features a concert every month at Palazzo Moro. Starts at 8:45 pm.
When: 20 February; 13 March; 17 April; 15 May

Where: Palazzo Moro
Info: +39.0422.815251

Sport festival

Category: Sport

Time: From 16/05/2009 to 17/05/2009

An event dedicated to sport and entertainment.

Where: Oderzo
Info: +39.0422.812242

The trailers of Opera festival

Category: Theatre

Time: From 03/07/2009 to 05/07/2009

The "Opera at the square" features the screening of "The trailers of Opera festival".

Where: Piazza Grande

Melodie fra i mosaici

Category: Concerts

Time: On 12/07/2009

Singers, dancers and the orchestra of the Treviso folk group presents a concert of folk music. Starts at 9 pm.

Where: Piazza del Foro Romano
Info: +39.0422.815721

Modelli in mostra. Leonardo Da Vinci

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 31/03/2012 to 27/05/2012

The exhibition celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through the reconstruction of some machines made on the basis of designs of the great master.<

Where: Palazzo Foscolo
Info: +39.0422.815202
Address: Via Garibaldi 80 - Oderzo

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