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Past events Venice

Monday 21 October 2019

Regate delle befane

Category: Sport

Time: On 06/01/2019

Participants dressed as "befane" (witches) compete on the Canal Grande.

Where: Canal Grande: S. Toma' - Rialto

Art night Venezia

Category: Shows

Time: On 29/06/2019

Art Night Venice is a free evening of culture taking place all around the city. The festival is packed with events in private and public museums, galleries and other locations. Check the official programme on the website.

Where: Various locations
+39 041 2346221

Venice design week

Category: Shows

Time: From 12/10/2019 to 20/10/2019

Venice Design Week (VDW) encompasses many events that take place all around Venice, cooperating with Museums and many institutions in town.
 Visitors can visit exhibitions of contemporary design and at the same time explore the hidden side of Venice, discovering how ancient objects were designed and decorated.

Where: Various locations
+39 3281765744

Cinema at the Venier Casino

Category: Theatre

Time: From 04/05/0208 to 17/06/2008

The exhibition is dedicated to French and francophone cinema and offers a selection of contemporary films in French.
When: Every Friday at 5pm
Where: Venier Casino


Ida Barbarigo: Terrestrials -  Events Venice - Art exhibitions Venice

Ida Barbarigo: Terrestrials

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 02/06/2006 to 19/11/2006

The exihibition comprises around 200 works , focused on the representation humankind's vital energy.
Where: Fortunity Palace

Info: +39.041.5200995

Words and Figures

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/06/2006 to 02/09/2007

Insight into the history of books and printing in Venice, from Gutenberg and his Venetian followers, through Aldo Manuzio and Durer right up to the XIXth century.
Where: Correr Museum

Info: +39.041.2405211

Tiepolo and his time

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 01/09/2006 to 01/10/2006

100 drawings and paintings by masters from Tiepolo's era.
Where: Tiraoro e Battioro School

Info: +39.041.5239315

Concerts in Basilica

Category: Concerts

Time: From 02/09/2006 to 03/11/2006

National and international musicians, orchestras and chorus play music by great Masters.
Where: Basilica of the Frari

Info: +39.041.2728611

Fantasy heads in 18th century Venetian painting

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 09/09/2006 to 22/10/2006

Anthology of fantasy portraits or "character heads" by 18th century Venetian painters.
Where: Gallery of Palazzo Cini

Info: +39.041.5210755

Carol Rama -  Events Venice - Art exhibitions Venice

Carol Rama

Category: Art exhibitions

Time: From 15/09/2006 to 30/10/2006

The engraved work 1944-2005.
35 engraved works and around 20 pictures and paintings by the artist, winner of Carrier Gold Lion in 50th Venice Biennale.
Where: Cà Pesaro

Info: +39.041.5240695

//Cambucina Story

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