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Events Venzone

Monday 24 September 2018

Museo Archeologico Nazionale -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

Museum collections include splendid mosaics from the Roman domus and a rich longobard section with objects found in the necropolis of Cividale and its ducat.

Where: Palazzo dei Provveditori Veneti

City: Cividale del Friuli

Mummies -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone


Category: Attractions

Time: all year

Five of the almost forty Mummies found in Venzone are displayed in the crypt of the former Chapel of St. Michael. They were very popular in the past centuries and even Napoleon wanted to see them. The cause of mummification is due to a parasitic mold found in the city duomo.

Where: Cappella Cimiteriale di San Michele (near the Cathedral)

City: Venzone

Lake Cornino Reserve -  Events Venzone - Places to see Venzone

Lake Cornino Reserve

Category: Places to see

Time: all year

A protected natural area of 487 hectares characterized by high environmental diversity and significant naturalistic values. Karst morphology gives the reserve a sour and wild appearance. Beautiful Lake Cornino with its clear blue-green waters.

City: Cornino

Celtic hypogeum -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Celtic hypogeum

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The Celtic hypogeum is a system of underground cavities excavated in the rock, without comparison in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Its historical function is still unknown. It could be a Celtic funeral site or a Roman and Longobard prison.

City: Cividale del Friuli

Forra del Vinadia -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Forra del Vinadia

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

Vinadia's hole is formed by the encounter of three great groomers. The path winds through the gorge, between waterfalls, ponds and rocky cliffs up to 200 m. For the less experienced the exterior part can be run without difficulty in the dry river periods.

City: Tolmezzo

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