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Devil's Bridge

Monday 18 December 2017

Devil's Bridge image - Venzone - Events Attractions

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The Devil's Bridge, a symbol of the city, was built in the 15th century. It rests on a sandstone located in the gorge of the Natisone River, it is 22.50 m high and develops for 48 mt. The crossing of the bridge offers a magnificent view of the river and the gorge.

Address: Corso Paolino d'Aquileia, 19 - 33043 Cividale del Friuli

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Tiere Motus Museum -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Tiere Motus Museum

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The museum tells the story of the violent earthquake that at 9 pm on May 6, 1976 destroyed Friuli. A story of pain and courage, which has given rise to an exemplary reconstruction, known as the "Friuli model".

Where: Palazzo Orgnani Martina

City: Venzone

Museo Diocesano e Gallerie del Tiepolo -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Museo Diocesano e Gallerie del Tiepolo

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The museum is one of the main monuments of Udine. The collection includes about 700 works. Among these, frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo, that in 1726 decorated several rooms of the palace.

City: Udine

Tempietto longobardo -  Events Venzone - Attractions Venzone

Tempietto longobardo

Category: Attractions

Time: all year

The temple dates back to 760 AD and its primary function, before being part of the monastery, was probably a palace chapel. It is the most important architectural testimony of the Longobard era in Italy. Since 2011, it has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Where: Oratorio di Santa Maria in Valle

City: Cividale del Friuli

Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine -  Events Venzone - Theatre Venzone

Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine

Category: Theatre

Time: all year

The Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine is a large modern building, opened in 1997, with a large room for shows that can hold 1,168 spectators. Very interesting is the musical season and prose.

City: Udine

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