Your Reservation Suite - Hotel Concierge - Your Reservation is the first concierge suite for hotels that combines direct marketing tools, techniques of up and cross selling and customer satisfaction.

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Who we are

Cambucina is an idea from Direzione Marketing, the number one office in outsourcing for marketing and corporate communications.

Our role is to offer small and medium enterprises a dedicated marketing direction ensuring competitive advantages in cost and a reduction in the amount of work involved in coordinating the individual professionals involved in decision-making and marketing production.

Our work is ongoing and often the activity is performed on customer premises. In other words we pursue the total project, shared, just as it would be if we were the internal marketing direction of the company. Once the objectives and work plan have been defined, we engage in finalizing the individual projects, sharing ideas with the client, research made and results gathered.

Direzione Marketing combines expertise in marketing, communication and information technology. The members of our team have worked autonomously on the communication and market research for one of the most important international Ads Paper. For the Secondamano group, in Milan, they have developed marketing plans in partnership with, among others, Elvia-RAS and Findomestic. In 2000 they carried out a study of marketing and coordinated the implementation of a case history of the Italian web (today Love Lycos). They are also dedicated to the creation of portals, software management tools and web based marketing, acquiring an important know-how in hotel and tourism.

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